Christmas Catalogue

Meringue Kisses

These light and crunchy meringue kisses can be used for Vacherin, a cousin of the Pavlova, or added to all sorts of creams and cake decorations. Let your creativity take over in the kitchen, and simply impress your guests with an elegant dessert

Available in the following flavours;

  • Vanilla
  • Blood Orange
  • Caramel

45g $10.80 inc GST

Langues De Chat

(cats tongue – GF Sweet Biscuits)

With a crunchy, snappy texture, each flavour has its own distinct and buttery flavour. These gluten free Langues de Chat biscuits are tastier than the traditional wheat-based recipes. Enjoy them with tea and coffee, used as a spoon with ice cream or just on their own!

Available in the following flavours;

  • Raspberry
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla & Almond

140g $13.75 inc GST

Lavoush Crackers

Available in:

  • Activated Coconut Charcoal
  • Beetroot
  • Fennel & Thyme

130g  $12.50

Grissini Minis ( length 5 cm)

Exciting new size 2 fresh new flavours to add to your bar snack menu

  • Tomato & Oregano
  • Kalamatta Olive & Rosemary Bites

300g (app 170pcs)   $16.90

Black Truffle Oil

100ml  $ 14.50

Infused with highly prized black truffle, Elementi Black Truffle Oil adds a wonderfully earthy note to dishes. Stir it through risotto or pasta just before serving, or fold it though buttery mashed potatoes.

Truffle Salt

50g  $14.75

A beautiful finishing salt made with shaved summer truffles, just a small amount lends a rich earthy flavour to dishes. Sprinkle it on eggs, risotto, steamed vegetables or bread and butter. You can even sneak it into crème brûlée for a little sultry depth.

Balsamic Vinegar 8 Years Organic 250ml


The secret to great balsamic is the art of blending the slow-aged vinegar. Marino Tintori from La Vecchia Despensa knows the key is balance rather than sweetness, which masks the complexity of the balsamic. This 8-year-old organic balsamic is a great example of this philosophy, delivering an elegant flavour.

Macadamia nuts in Cold Pressed Macadamia Truffle Oil

100ml $24.50

We use locally sourced macadamia nuts, combined with cold pressed macadamia oil, flavoured with black truffle and truffle aroma, to make this beautiful foodie gift.

Use on freshly grilled meats, pasta, risotta, cheeses and vegetable dishes, like steamed asparagus or baked artichokes. The magnificent aroma, will be like a ring bell, calling guests to the table.

Balsamic Garnishing Pearls in Truffle Oil

100ml $24.50

Balsamic Garnishing Pearls are combined with a premium organic olive oil from western Victoria’s Grampian Ranges and flavoured with natural truffle aroma.

Drizzle over grilled or roasted meats, seafood, pasta, risotto, salads and vegetables.

This product makes an ideal gift for any person passionate about their food

Spiced Beetroot Finishing Vinegar

265ml $14.50

This Beetroot Finishing Vinegar shows wonderful spiced earthiness and elegant beetroot flavours. Spectacular salad dressing and splashed on cooked meats and cheeses.

It works particularly well with grilled beef, lamb or pork steaks when splashed on after cooking.

For a really interesting combination try vanilla ice-cream and Beetroot Finishing Vinegar – it’s a flavour sensation – especially when served with a crisp parmesan biscuit.

Italian Style Sweet Black Cherry Finishing Vinegar

265ml $14.50

This Black Cherry Finishing Vinegar shows wonderful complexity and elegant cherry flavours. Spectacular salad dressing and splashed on cooked meats and cheeses.

It works particularly well with grilled haloumi cheese, lamb or pork steaks when splashed on after cooking.

For a really interesting combination try tossing fresh strawberries and Black Cherry Finishing Vinegar – it’s a flavour sensation – especially when served with some mascarpone cheese.

Essence of Hibiscus Flowers

250ml $15.50

Each 250ml bottle contains 12 flowers all floating in exotic fruit flavoured syrup that will complement sweet and savoury foods. The natural flavour of hibiscus flowers is a combination of raspberry, plum, watermelon and rhubarb.

Fantastic with champagne and white spirits such as vodka or gin, splashed with tonic water. Use the flowers as a garnish with savoury foods like duck, lamb and pork or with desserts including fresh fruits, dairy based desserts and especially chocolate desserts.

The natural hibiscus flavours captured in this product harmonise so well with dark chocolate, it’s a combination that once tried, will create a lasting flavour memory.

Vanilla Bean Honey with Dipper

325g $14.50

Pure West Australian Honey infused with vanilla bean.
Use in homemade gelato or panna cotta for a beautiful sweet note.

Fantastic served on freshly baked scones with salted butter, or as a glaze for seasonal mixed berries.

Also ideal served alongside toasted brioche or pancakes for a delicious brunch option

Magnifique - French Style Cognac Fruits

540g $26.50

Fresh, local pears with maraschino cherries and apricots are packed in this stunning Italian glass jar and then filled with cognac syrup.

This is a beautiful gift which makes the end of the meal a breeze. Simply serve with a rich vanilla ice cream.


Wild Fig & Vanilla Conserve

350g $13.50

Plump, juicy figs cooked slowly with sugar and vanilla to make this delightful conserve that is unbelievable on freshly baked brioche or scones, accompanied by dollops of whipped cream.

Combined with mascarpone cheese in warm crepes or even as a glaze on a fruit and nut flan as a perfect dessert.


Strawberry & Champagne Conserve

325g $13.50

A bottle of bubbly and sweet juicy ripe strawberries are a combination that excites every romantic.

And now in this conserve you can enjoy it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

With scones, brioche and in decadent trifles, this conserves can also be used to make delicious sorbets and mousses.


Cranberry Sauce with Liqueur Port

250ml $13.50

The tart flavours of plump cranberries combined with the rich sweetness of port and a splash of orange juice makes this sauce the perfect compliment to any festive meal.

Traditionally served with roast turkey and glazed ham off the bone this sauce can also be enjoyed at the breakfast table on toasted fruit bread or warm pancakes served with mascarpone cream.


Salted Caramel Dessert Sauce

250ml $13.50

Featuring caramel fudge, vanilla and high quality sea salt, this luscious sauce takes decadence to new heights.

Perfect served over premium quality vanilla bean icecream, it also makes a wonderful dipping sauce for fresh seasonal fruits.

Try drizzling it over homemade sticky date pudding, or mixing through double cream with chinks of your favourite dark chocolate for a soft set mousse that will impress everyone.

Contains gluten and milk product

Prunes in Port

350g $16.50

Plump, juicy prunes in a fine port syrup.

Try spooning over bircher muesli, or serving with cr̬me anglaise for a delicious dessert.

Also ideal when added to slow-cooked pork dishes or used as a base for a simple fruit crumble.


Chardonnay Pears

Freshly poached pears and muscatel grapes in a chardonnay syrup, gently infused with cinnamon.

These are perfect with pot-set yoghurt for breakfast or served with vanilla bean ice cream for an easy, elegant dessert.

A perfect accompaniment for the cheeseboard, these pears can be addictive.


Cranberry & Orange Sauce

310g $18.50

Made with whole cranberries, its got a tingling tartness that cuts through rich meats and also works with gooey cheeses

Christmas Spice Chutney

300g $18.50

Cranberries, Bramley apples, and a host of festive spices make this unctuous chutney the perfect accompaniment to any feast!

Dipping Bowl Set - Beetroot & Balsamic Relish

210g $17.50

Beautifully presented Gift Pack, comprising a square white ceramic bowl and a delicious jar of Beetroot & Balsamic Relish.

This is a gift designed to impress!!


Coconut, Lime & Coriander Marinade

250ml $14.50

This exotic blend of limes, sweet chilli, coconuts and fragrant spices is sure to entice any palate.

These sensational flavours are perfect for seafood or chicken. This sauce could also be used in a stir-fry to add fabulous flavours.

Each of our marinades comes with a basting brush and recipe card.


Beetroot Rhubarb Relish

This is a vibrant red relish with a wonderful fresh taste of beetroot and a hint of cayenne pepper. Perfect for a quick sandwich or toasty or enjoy with cold meats or a selection of cheeses. Made from farm direct SEQ beetroot and rhubarb.

270ml $13.25

Nectarine Turmeric Fruit Spread

It’s made with fresh SEQ turmeric, a unique combo you are sure to fall in love with. Enjoy it with greek yogurt or on toast or pair it with roast chicken or pork.

270ml $13.25

Luxury Nougat Gift Box

Apricot & Sour Cherry w White chocolate Nougat Gift box
Raspberry & Lemon w Dark chocolate Nougat Gift Box


Rinaldi Nougat

Almond Bluegum Honey
Macadamia Meadow Honey
86g $7.30

Almond Ironbark Honey
Almond Leathwood Honey
175g 13.50

Valrhona Chocolate Pearls

These Pearls have a crunchy cereal filling coated with either Caramelia- milk chocolate with a distinct caramel flavor, 55% Dark chocolate or Dulcey- a delicious creamy blond chocolate

60g $9.80 inc GST

Dark Chocolate w Nuts & Berries

Indulge yourself in a decadent treat with these Dark Chocolate Covered Nuts & Fruits. These tasty mouth bombs offer the protein benefits of real nuts and fruits, smothered in rich smooth dark chocolate.

80g $7.80

Trio Chocolate Gift Box

Box Includes;

  • Raspberry Fever
  • Caramilized Coconut Bar
  • Gold Digger Honeycomb


Chocolate for Grazing

Beautifully boxed chocolate shards hand decorated, available in the following flavours;

  • Gold Digger Honeycomb
  • Orange, Almond & Fennel
  • Salted Caramel
  • Raspberry & Chilli

200g $27.50

72% dark couverture chocolate sprinkled with smoky sea salt

Gluten & Dairy Free

KOKOPOD- Smoky Black Dark Chocolate

100g $12.95

Smooth milk 38% couverture chocolate topped with handmade honeycomb from leatherwood honey

KOKOPOD- Leatherwood Honeycomb

120g $12.95

Caramelised roasted macadamia nuts covered in milk chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder

KOKOPOD- Classic Macnuts

100g $14.95

A combination of handcrafted Leatherwood honeycomb & local freeze-dried raspberry in milk couverture & handpainted pink

100g $12.95

Salted Caramel Rock

95g $7.50

The tasty flavour of salted caramel …. but in a candy