Fathers Day Platter 

Its time Celebrate the Dad in your life by surprising him with our great Fathers Day Cheese Platter,  we have put together an amazing selection of 4 great cheeses of app150g plus accompaniments-great value for just $80.00


Brie Donge                       mushroomy overtones with a nutty sweetness

Mountain Man                 slightly pungent with a soft oozy texture              

Cornish Kern                   buttery flavour with caramel notes

Blue Stilton                      smooth creamy texture, with honey notes


Cacciatori salami            a mild coarsely minced pork salame

Artisan crackers             first crumbles then melts in your mouth

Portuguese Tart              a crisp pastry case sweet egg custard filling (pkt 6)

Kalamatta Olives            firm with a rich fruity flavour


Pick up days

Friday              3rd   September            10.00 am to 5 pm
Saturday         4th   September             9.00 am to 12.00 noon


Cap Coast cheese lovers, we are delivering platters to:

The Barn Fruit & Veg., 57 Tanby Road on Thursday 2nd September @ app 3.00 pm


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