Mother's Day Hamper

Mother's Day Hamper

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Celebrate the Mum in your life by surprising her with our beautiful Mother’s Day Hamper, six great cheeses plus fantastic accompaniments.

Gippsland Tarago Triple Cream Brie - From Victoria’s Gippsland region comes this champion triple cream cheese.  A melt in your mouth velvety texture gives way to an exquisite taste. The rich golden centre is enveloped by a bloom of white mould enhancing its slightly nutty flavour.

Woombye Cammembert - Soft and smooth, this Camembert presents a beautifully white bloom on the outside and a creamy, mild and silky centre.

Riverine Buffalo Blue - The rich buffalo milk combines beautifully with the mould which delivers a soft, creamy mouth feel with an almost savoury flavour profile.  It has a delicate, smooth, and velvety texture and flavour that finishes on the palate with a lingering lactic sweetness that is most addicting. It’s is a cheese for blue lovers and novices alike.

Comte - Comte has a firm and supple centre which melts in the mouth. Its flavour is sweet and floral with a nutty tang. A versatile cheese, it can be eaten in salads, with fruit, in sandwiches or perfect on a cheese board.

Ubriaco Prosecco -  The cheese is immersed in Prosecco  for about two months and then aged for about 3 to 6 months. The result is a mild, yet pleasing marriage between the creamy, milky flavoured cheese and the fruity notes of the wine. The texture is soft and supple, enjoy with a glass of bubbly. 

Al Malto D'Orzo E Whisky Cheddar - An aged cheese made from sheeps & cows milk ripened in barley malt & whisky.

Falwasser Charcoal Crackers - Makes a bold statement. Made with Activated Coconut Charcoal, this dark cracker stands out with pleasant earthy notes that enhances the flavour of your favourite cheeses. - GF

Baby Pickled Figs - No bigger than a small cherry, these pickled figs in brown sugar and apple cider vinegar enhance the flavour, not only of cheese but also charcuterie. They go particularly well with blue cheese. 

Whisky Apricots - Made by infusing apricots with Tasmanian single salt whisky, a perfect match with the balance of sweet natural sugars of the apricots and the Tassie single malt.

Cherries in Liqueur - Pitted griotte cherries in kirsch. Mmmmmm

2 x Hunted + Gathered Chocolate Tabs (GF DF) - This exquisite chocolate features cacao from Ecuador/Belize.