Platter-Francais 1  (app 6- 8 People)

Platter-Francais 1 (app 6- 8 People)

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 Four iconic French cheeses app.150g each, meat, figs & crackers 

 Le Dauphin                                      indulgent, luxurious melt-in-your mouth  texture

D’Affinois Campaigner                 oozy consistency, mild meaty mushroomy flavours

St Mamet Cantel                             a crumbly texture & buttery flavour

D’Affinois Blue                                mildly blue flavour with sweet -blue aftertaste

Saucisson Sec                                  hints of Garlic with a punchy peppercorn heat

Baby Pickled Figs                           enhance the flavour of cheese & charcuterie

Artisan Crackers                              first crumbles then melts in your mouth



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