The Capricorn – 6 Tier

The Capricorn – 6 Tier

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Serves: 90-100 people 6 cheeses app 4.7 kg Cheese

Dimensions: H 260mmxw2100mm


Milawa Goat Camembert 200g
Combines the earthy flavor of a traditional camembert with the sweet lactic and citric flavours of a goat’s milk cheese.

Brillat Savarin app 500g
A decadent triple cream cheese, a perfect party pleaser.

Irish Cashel Blue app 1kg
Similar creamy texture to stilton, not as strong.

Maffra Aged Cheddar app 1kg
The cheese exhibits classic cheddar characteristics with slightly sweet nutty notes. It has a firm, buttery texture. A true representation of an aged cheddar.

Le Conquerant Camembert 1kg
Amazing unctuous texture with a rich cauliflower and garlic flavor.

Port salut app 1kg
Features an elastic,supple,cream-coloured paste with a mild Tangy flavor.

250g Dried Muscateles on the Vine
300g Semi Dried Wild Figs
Your Choice of Lavouch,Grissini and Crisps to value $100.00

(Price does not include board & props etc.)
Cheese subject to availability - please allow 10 working days for delivery.
Unavailable cheese will be substituted with a similar cheese.

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